Combat Card Game

  • Two PlayerTwo Player
  • 25 Minute Games25 Minute Games
  • Powered by VirtualTableTop

Free, no account required

Bring your own voice chat

Plays like the physical game

2021 Online World Championship coming soon!

Tips for playing online

Copy URL

Simply copy your table link and share with a friend.


All movements are syncronized, but nothing is ‘automated’. You must manually take turns, draw cards, count actions and communicate with your opponent.

Setup Buttons

Use these buttons to setup the inital game position.

Card Peek

Use the 'Card Peek' area to look at cards you’ve played, or use a 4’s power.

Damage and freeze tokens

Use damage tokens to indicate damage, and freeze tokens to indicate frozen.


To start a new game, Recall & Shuffle.

Heros and Bannermen

To play with Heroes & Bannermen, deal heroes first, then hands, then look through deck to find bannermen, move heroes & bannermen into your hand, then recall (not player hands), then place heroes & bannermen back on the table between your base cards.